SEO Plan

For achieving online success, it is necessary that a SEO plan is created, so that every aspect of the plan expert runs. There is no standard ready-made search engine optimization plan, so each SEO plan is tailor-made work.

The ever-changing, dynamic nature of search engines requires constant dedication and effort. The SEO professionals should be able to determine which strategies are effective for relevant website. During the preparatory phase of the SEO campaign is gathering data the main task of the SEO professional. The following items are also examined; the target audience of the website, keywords and competitors.

Create SEO goals

Consider what you want to improve before you start with search engine optimization
Make sure your goals are realistic and remember no SEO goal is a common error in a SEO plan.
If the SEO goals are established then you can focus on SEO plan.

Competition research

The SEO consultant must investigate the competitors so that you finds out which companies provide the same products or services and what (longtail) keywords and strategies are used.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research is an important part of the search engine optimization of your website, because if you are only targeting the top keywords or the wrong keywords your website will never be found.

Web site structure

What website structure is there now, how many steps must the visitors do for the information. Minimize the number of “clicks”. The opportunity is greater than that the pages be indexed.

Content development

What is the current website content, there are available resources for content and is there budget for developing good content. Unique content is king for a good findability and makes it interesting to link to.

Linkbuilding strategy

Research your current inbound links and those of your competitors. Linkbuilding is the main factor in search engine optimization for your website, because a very powerful effect on the linkbuilding SEO of a website it must be well applied. Effective linkbuilding begins with understanding what good links.

SEO analysis

With a detailed SEO analysis you will get an explanation of the current problems of your website, the reason these problems and a clear solution.

Website analysis

A good website analysis answers the following questions: how good is your website, do you have visitors? There are SEO problems? How popular are you in social media?

Do not underestimate the value of a search engine optimization plan, knowledge is strength.


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