How to Find new customers with LinkedIn – PART3

In this series, we share 10 proactive strategies in order to find new customers.

Before you start with these tips, you need as you in the first part of this series may have read good first to define your target market and your LinkedIn network to build. Last week we shared even though the first two strategies.

Below you can find three and four to strategy to find new customers:

Strategy 3: Grass dunes in the network of your network

In strategy one and two we left your goals and then we looked at the people who came from the search results.

We leave In this strategy of our present network and look into their network to find the people who can help us to achieve our goals.

How do you do that?

Go to the profile of a 1st degree connection that you know fairly well, having the same function or role if the person you are looking for. Why?
People tend to link with their colleagues and peers. Chances are that they are linked with potential customers.
The Know, Like and Trust factor is already higher than with other people.
Scroll down until you see a field on the right hand side titled “name’s Connections”. At the bottom of that field, click “See all Connections”.
Now you can look around in their network and find people who are interesting for you.

Additional benefits of in someone else to his or her network grass dunes, are:

You can discover where you yourself would not synonyms or titles are defended.

For example: If you did a search with “Marketing Manager, Banking Industry, Netherlands”, when you was looking for new customers as a speaker or events Agency, then you might be discover that people are also “Marketing Director”, “VP Marketing” or “Marcom Manager”. They will not come into your “Advanced Search” results from strategy 2.

And you can discover features such as “Event Coordinator” or “Events Manager”, titles where you would have not thought of yourself.
You can discover people that may be useful in achieving a purpose other than that now where you’re dealing with. For example: If you’re looking for HR Managers as potential customer, then you may encounter an HR Consultant specializing in international payroll programs. Precisely the perfect profile to work for another project.

Note: anyone can put you in his network grass dunes? No, some people are unable to access their network. Of course, that is their choice, but we ask us always wondering what they expect: they expect others to open up for them without their network that they do that? Of course, if there are no expectations of their hand, then there is nothing to worry about.

Strategy 4: look at “Viewers of this Profile also Viewed”

If you have found someone with your corresponding parameters not in their network, you can still go look. He must first be a 1st degree contact.

However, there is interesting information for you at your disposal. If you scroll down in someone’s profile, you’ll find on the right side a field with the title “Viewers of this Profile also viewed”.

What you will see is that many of these people work for the same organization or have the same role in another organization. So you can find that in this way extra persons are interesting for you.

If you click on their profile, you will often see a common connection appear where you had not thought of yet, besides people you went for help because you already ask them had found by the other strategies to apply.

In other words, these insights give you more ways for you to access interesting people. In doing so you do not always meet the same person to introductions to go and ask.

If you’re in this newly found person scroll down his profile, you can find other interesting people again via “Viewers of this Profile also Viewed” and new common connections. And the same is true for these people.

The option “Viewers of this Profile also Viewed” for each new profile that you encounter can be used (and also for all your 1st degree connections). Consequently, so it represents a wealth of information!


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