Google Penguin Recovery

The battle of webspam against Google again has yielded a new update, update Google Penguin, the successor to the Google update panda. The new update work with names like About optimized penalty update and Webspam algorithm update is currently being rolled out globally.

Google the Penquin is the most advanced algorimte update that should go there for sure that websites who do not comply with the Google webmaster guidelines are removed from the index.

What factors are reviewing the Google Penguin?

Exact match keyword domains

Try Google exact keyword domains for years to better assess their quality and therefore the correct value for them there that fits with them. At the moment it is not yet clear whether the US Google Penguin update to this fix to take effect. Our expectation is that it will succeed.

Many links with exact anchor text to your website

An important part of the SEO of your website are the links that you’ve gotten and collected. Google analyzes continuously the number and quality of those links.

If you have good content offers to the visitors will come with a good variation of obvious natural links your anchor texts (link texts) therefore you don’t have to worry, but the moment you get very many links in a short time with an exact anchor text than can Google from now your ranking go correct it.

You must always ask whether the website where you as an entrepreneur on company want to go places is the right place. In the near future, backlinks from low quality sites are negative for the determination of your link value.

Comment spam

Unnatural meaningless responses on blogs stuffed with keywords and links should be punished with this update. If you choose to post a comment on the blog do this then only on topical messages, so not only on articles from 2007 and place useful responses and not to obtain a quick link.

Post articles on multiple articles websites

If you as a company what to sign up you can do this via article marketing and your article post on websites like Digg .nl. Unfortunately, there are many bad here much abuse of created articles stuffed with keywords on very many articles posted by websites.

With the Penguin update is there less value from these articles and it will have a negative effect on your ranking.

What to do if you are affected by the Penquin Google update?

  • Stop with About Optimization
  • Care for natural anchor texts
  • Write better content
  • Analyze your internal links anchor texts and make them more naturally
  • Avoid exact keyword domains
  • Think longer term than short term
  • Doe not meet Blackhat SEO
  • In the extreme case, moving all good pages to a new domain


With SEO you shouldn’t want to go for the quick success, this is always short-lived. The algorithm of Google is getting smarter and there will always be new updates are that the Black Hat SEO techniques detecting and chastising. So always go for the longer term, create a SEO strategy and keep your to the Google webmaster guidelines.

Eventually your rewards the visitor on the right content you and offers natural links come naturally.

This road takes longer, but the result is permanent.


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