About Me

Skilled in Web/Apps data analytics/analysis, user behaviour tracking implementation and optimisation. Practised analysing market data, user insights/behaviour and translating them into product features for customer retention and eventually increase overall website traffic/revenue.

Worked in Agile methodologies, Web/App development, portal management, and digital marketing and analytics operations life cycle. Experienced in website promotion of brands online by employing various digital marketing techniques, SEO/ASO/SEM/SMO/Affiliates/(Paid and Organic), etc.

Collaborated and work with multi-cultural internal and external teams of Solutions Architects, Engineers, Developers, Senior Consultants, CMOs, Marketing Managers, BI teams, VP of product, to enterprising leader with skills in directing teams & enabling knowledge – sharing amongst them; and easing effective & cross-functional coordination for smooth operations.

Experience in all phases of new product offering/launch/branding including requirement analysis, design, development, testing, defect & change management, and prompt delivery. Worked for wide range of global products from multiple industries/verticals with North Star goal to increase orders and improve online customer experience for App/Web with millions of daily visits and revenue.

Worked for Global brands:
Microsoft India
Prudential UK
M&G Investment
Datwyler Group
Talabat (DeliveryHero)
Etihad Airways
Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (Accommodation- FIFA World Cup Project)
So far….