14 Funny Brands You Can’t Help But Follow in Social Media

There are quite a few factors that go into what makes a brand “followable” in social media. Think about it from the follower’s perspective — why do you choose to ‘like’ or follow certain brands on social networks like Facebook and Twitter? It could be because they share valuable, educational content that appeals to your interests and needs. Or it could be that they give you access to exclusive deals, coupons, or other promotions. Or maybe they’re just ridiculously funny.
Truthfully, the best brands to follow in social media should probably have a combination of all those characteristics. But I’d venture to say that many of you are following a brand simply for its entertainment value. (I know I am.) You know — the brands that really tickle your funny bone and sometimes even make your sides hurt from laughter. You just can’t help but follow them, and you’ve probably shared some of their updates with your own network, expanding that brand’s social media reach. And while it may not seem like a funny update has any value, surely there’s value in showing off your personality and being a lovable brand, right?
So the next time you’re planning your social media updates, why not incorporate a little humor here and there? To help bring out your inner comedian, we’ve compiled a list of brands whose social media presence gives us the giggles. We’re warning you though, by the time you’re done with this post, your cheeks might be a tad bit on the sore side.

1) Charmin

You mean the toilet paper company? Darn tootin’! The original inspiration of this post, Charmin’s Twitter presence is definitely a must follow. Just check out the following series of tweets to see what we mean. Charmin is a great example of a brand whose humor aligns with the products it sells. And don’t you just love that #tweetfromtheseat hashtag?


2) Taco Bell

Taco Bell is known for using humor throughout its marketing and advertising, and its social media accounts are no different. From witty one-liners to clever photo updates, Taco Bell’s Facebook and Twitter presence is sure to make you crack a smile, particularly when it responds to some light-hearted criticism from other brands on our list (coughOLDSPICEcough).

3) Old Spice

Old Spice doesn’t only pick fights with other brands. It’s also funny in its own right, with funny — and often ridiculous — posts. Just take a look at its ‘About’ descriptions on Twitter and Facebook as well as a few of Old Spice’s silly tweets.


4) JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is a great example of a brand that sprinkles in just a little humor throughout its social presence. Not everything JetBlue posts is necessarily laugh out loud funny, but the brand does a great job of infusing some of its humorous personality into its updates, balancing informational content with light-hearted updates like the Facebook post you see below.

5) Mars Curiosity (NASA)

As in, the lunar rover. These NASA-run social media accounts feature sassy, first-person updates from the rover itself, who incorporates funny pop culture references and a bold attitude. And, oh yeah — its Twitter account has more than 1 million followers, and its Facebook page has over 270,000 fans. Not too shabby, NASA.


6) Popchips

One of my personal favorite brands to follow in social media (and to snack on!), Popchips’ Facebook presence always has me laughing with funny puns and images like those featured below.

7) GymIt

It’s no surprise GymIt has made our list of funny brands in social media, considering we already know how awesome they are at copywriting in general. The result is a comedic Facebook presence that does a great job of staying on brand.

8) Intel

Intel’s Twitter feed proves that you don’t need to be a consumer brand to have a sense of humor. Like JetBlue, not every tweet from Intel is exactly a knee slapper, but it’s a good reminder that a little humor can go a long way toward achieving likability.


9) Whole Foods

Would you “Holla for Challah bread”? Whole Foods wants you to, and that’s just one of its witty little Facebook updates. Mainly sharing recipe and food ideas through its Facebook page and Twitter feed, Whole Foods adds a dash of humor that makes it a lot more fun to follow than your average recipe source.


10) IMPACT Branding & Design

Another B2B company to grace our list, HubSpot partner IMPACT Branding & Design definitely gets the value of comedy, offering a great balance of educational content and a few laughs on its Facebook page.

11) Bissell

Bissell, the vacuum cleaner company (who would’ve thought?), knows how to crack a joke from time to time on its Facebook page. What’s great about Bissell’s humor is that it never sacrifices brand relevancy, as is evident by this smartly funny Facebook post.

12) Skittles

Skittles’ social sense of humor is apparently all about being silly and ridiculous. But it definitely brings a smile to your face, doesn’t it? Check out the examples below from Skittles’ Facebook page and Twitter feed. And for those of you not hip to the meme, “YOLO” is an acronym for “You Only Live Once.”


13) KRAFT Mac & Cheese

Who knew elbow macaroni could be so funny? KRAFT Mac & Cheese’s social media presence features images of macaroni engaging in hobbies such as painting and tennis as well as mac & cheese humor. KRAFT also reportedly allowed two women in their 80s take over their social media accounts for its 75th anniversary, using the hashtag #OldBirdsNewTweets, through which followers could watch the women learn about memes, internet slang, and technology. Oh, and the banner image for its Twitter account? Hilarious.


14) Oreo

Oreo’s Facebook page regularly features funny newsjacks of current events using visuals, as you can see below from its Elvis Week image and its National Bowling Day visual.

What other brands can’t you help from following in social media, even for just a good laugh?


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